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Regional Urban, 13/11/2022

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Course C - Blue (length: 4.9km, climb: 150m, 25 controls)

Other courses: Course A - Black | Course B - Brown | Course D - Green | Course E - Short Green

Point calculations
1,022.88 + (90.49 x (3,567.82 - T)) / 392.77
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1David WilliamsAIREM196200:49:271161
2Emma HarrisonEPOCF197200:50:061152
3Andy EmmersonODM195600:51:001140
4David MarshSOM196300:51:381131
5Andy RobinsonLOCM195400:55:191080
6Gwenda CavillNATOF196300:56:191066
7Simon BrookEBORM195600:56:551058
8Paul Van DamHALOM196500:59:591016
9Peter HarrisHALOM195801:00:001015
10Sharon BowesCLAROF196901:00:041015
11David MurphyCLOKM196201:00:221010
12Malcolm HewitsonCLOKM195901:00:301009
13Martyn DeanCLOKM195901:01:091000
14Sophie BrownAIREF197101:04:49949
15Kevin GallagherLEIM194901:05:42937
16Jonathan LeeLEIM196101:07:04918
17Steve EdgarLEIM196601:10:01877
18Susan BirtwistleCLAROF195701:10:59864
19Martin WeatherillCLOKM196501:17:35772
20Tracey RichesCLOKF197501:20:08737
21Jane YatesBLF196801:23:20693
-Paul HudsonNOCM196200:53:43
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