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Welsh Championships & Welsh League, 03/03/2024

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Green (length: 4.4km, climb: 115m, 12 controls)

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Point calculations
966.31 + (70.35 x (4,548.24 - T)) / 847.98
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jackie HallettBOKF195700:53:031080
2Margaret ReynoldsSBOCF196100:53:241078
3Alison SimmonsBOKF195500:56:251063
4Pat MacLeodNGOCM194700:57:351057
5Maggie HateleyDEEF196301:00:401042
6James CockrillSBOCM200501:04:581020
7Trevor GriffithsBOKM194801:06:041015
8Helen KelseyBOKF195701:06:041015
9Suzanne HardingNGOCF196401:07:111009
10Rebecca MedlockWSXF197401:10:35992
11Joanna FosterBOKF195701:12:27983
12Brian HughesHOCM194701:13:20979
13David MaySLOWM194601:14:11974
14Carolyn DentBOKF196201:15:29968
15Sarah JenkinsSBOCF196301:15:49966
16Diana NicollBOKF196001:16:27963
17Helen SharpTVOCF196401:20:14944
18Debbie ManningSWOCF199201:20:37942
19John HarrisonBADOM194701:21:12939
20Carol SandsBOKF195101:22:49931
21Isabelle NevettSWOCF199801:22:59
22Mike WimpennyDEVONM194801:24:39922
23Alan RichardsNGOCM194601:26:52911
24eunice carterSBOCF196401:28:37903
25Tony HextQOM194801:33:29878
26Neil CameronNGOCM194601:35:50867
27Marc OwenBOFM197301:36:21864
28Fiona HanstockBOKF195601:42:45832
29Susanne AndersenBOKF196201:46:10815
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