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YHOA Night League, 07/01/2023

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Medium (length: 2.4km, 12 controls)

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Point calculations
985.14 + (92.61 x (4,064.94 - T)) / 1,196.87
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Mary FlemingAIREF199300:41:331107
2Ruth KerCLAROF196700:42:051104
3Jemima ParkerCLAROF196800:48:391074
4John LebeterCLAROM195500:51:221061
5Adrian BalcombeCLAROM197400:53:341051
6Sophie BrownAIREF197101:01:031016
7David DayCLAROM194801:01:581012
8Tom WoodhamAIREM197401:02:211010
9Howard SawyerAIREM195401:02:531008
10Ian CooperSYOM194701:03:081007
11Joseph DawsonAIREM200801:05:40
12Catherine DawsonAIREF197501:05:46994
13Tania MilnesSROCF197601:06:44990
14Helen GardnerEBORF195001:15:28949
15Jane YatesBLF196801:20:07928
16John ElliottEPOCM196101:22:52915
17Chris BurdenAIREM194801:24:49906
18Cath LeeLOCF196201:26:04900
19Janet LeakeEBORF195901:29:12886
20Gilbert LeeINDM200201:37:21
21Henry MarstonSYOM194602:09:03701
-Mary CarrickHALOF194902:22:49
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