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Regional Event, 01/10/2023

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Blue (length: 5.4km, climb: 295m, 27 controls)

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Point calculations
1,076.22 + (90.99 x (6,954.95 - T)) / 1,458.18
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Paul TaylorSYOM196501:22:261202
2Clive RichardsonWREM196601:25:101191
3Michael FinchSROCM200401:32:281164
4Mike PedleyEPOCM196001:35:061154
5Judith HavenhandSYOF197301:37:241146
6David VincentDVOM196101:38:241142
7Ian HopkinsWREM196601:40:421133
8Emma HarrisonEPOCF197201:41:531129
9Dave BrownHALOM195701:44:051121
10Diane JacksWREF196801:45:551114
11Christopher CalowDEEM195201:49:201101
12Rob LastSYOM196101:51:261093
13Pauline TrynerSYOF197201:51:561091
14Alex ForrestSYOM196701:53:531084
15Ash FieldSPOOKM000001:54:10
16Helen EllisPFOF197201:58:201067
17Andy EllisPFOM196002:00:171060
18Gilbert LeeMDOCM000002:03:25
19Paul NormanSYOM196202:15:211003
20Roy MittonNOCM196902:15:361003
21Rhys CaudwellSYOM200802:18:21
22David DannMDOCM195602:20:41983
23David CladingboelLEIM196602:22:06978
24Nicola HartDVOF196202:26:37961
25KEITH DAVIESSLOWM196502:33:41935
26James WetherillEPOCM196803:02:43826
-Phil MurraySYOM196401:11:26
-Sebastian PughSYOM198701:25:24
-Dave BalesBOFM195502:08:00
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