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Fat Rascal Weekend - Part 1 of Saturday Sprint, 22/07/2023

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3 (length: 2.2km, climb: 40m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
902.72 + (192.60 x (2,142.86 - T)) / 800.60
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Andrew KellyCLAROM195800:21:281108
2Tony ThornleyAIREM194800:22:511088
3John BrittonMDOCM195100:23:171082
4Peter JonesAIREM195700:23:471075
5Peter GorvettSYOM194700:25:161054
6Paul TurnerSELOCM195800:25:271051
7Mike CoxAIREM195000:25:581043
8Jacqueline EdwardsHALOF195600:28:391005
9Chris RostronMDOCM194700:28:571000
10Barrie SpeakeEBORM194100:28:591000
11Kevin GallagherLEIM194900:29:01999
12Gerry SymesAIREM194800:29:26993
13Gillian RossEPOCF194800:33:33934
14Arabella WoodrowEPOCF195400:33:54929
15John NuttallSELOCM194500:36:01898
16Karen ClarkEBORF195500:36:02898
17Jackie PageEPOCF195000:36:32891
18Stephen RoundSELOCM195100:37:28877
19Michael HamptonODM194600:37:37875
20Chris BurdenAIREM194800:38:32862
21Maureen WebbLEIF195300:40:49829
22Henry MarstonSYOM194600:43:16794
23Stan AppletonCLAROM194800:45:45758
24Jean LochheadSELOCF194601:07:08449
25Alison DoyleMDOCF194901:11:22388
26Nev MyersEBORM195701:12:55366
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