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Tunstall EAL, 26/11/2023

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Blue (length: 7.3km, climb: 25m, 22 controls)

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Point calculations
1,037.51 + (106.50 x (5,413.21 - T)) / 1,340.27
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Dil WetherillWAOCM196400:55:481202
2Daniel GoldsworthyNORM197001:01:301174
3Stephen BorrillWAOCM197101:01:511173
4John WardNORM196801:02:021172
5Guy LidburyHAVOCM196901:04:531158
6Matthew BethellNORM200601:12:441121
7Hannah NewtonSOSF199201:13:421116
8Theo Steventon-BarnesSUFFOCM200601:18:051095
9Andrew ElliottSUFFOCM197101:20:281084
10Richard PowellWAOCM197601:22:021077
11Ben CowleyNORM198401:22:591072
12Rob LastSYOM196101:25:431059
13David Lyness01:26:03
14Jonathan WardWAOCM197401:27:051052
15Alan SpidyNORM196401:27:451049
16Chris PennyAIREM196201:28:141047
17Peter DuthieWAOCM195901:30:551034
18Jean-Pierre CarraudSOSM196901:33:491020
19David VinsenNORM196301:36:491006
20Owen WarnockNORM195701:37:421002
21Colin JacksonHAVOCM195901:43:14975
22Dale BennettHAVOCM196401:48:07952
23Alastair HouldingSOSM196401:51:47935
24Rod ManselSUFFOCM195901:54:22922
25emily vallowSUFFOCF199002:07:53858
26Joshua OwenSOSM200802:07:53
27Peter LundWAOCM195902:37:18718
-Rini HoogkamerNORM195901:30:56
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