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Concorde Chase Forest event 2024, 28/01/2024

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Brown (length: 10.3km, climb: 285m, 24 controls)

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Point calculations
1,207.61 + (64.69 x (5,812.67 - T)) / 890.24
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Michael KrajewskiBAOCM198201:14:541303
2Adam PooleTVOCM198901:17:061294
3Juraj HammerBOFM197701:21:001277
4Tom DaviesSLOWM197801:22:361270
5Gareth MansfieldBAOCM198501:26:261253
6Alex LaneHHM197801:27:161250
7Tom AlcockWIMM200001:33:101224
8Patrick ButlinTVOCM198401:37:571203
9Paul FoxSNM196201:39:541194
10Nat SkidmoreTVOCM198401:43:291179
11Philip HarveyWIMM197201:44:021176
12Rob SmartBKOM197301:44:031176
13Tom FrostSNM196701:48:291157
14Marcin KrzysztofikTVOCM198501:54:201132
15Charles GookBADOM196701:57:501116
16Aleksei DnestrovskiiTVOCM196502:04:411086
-Malcolm FisherBOFM196801:17:33
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