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Scottish Orienteering League 4, 24/09/2023

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Short Brown (length: 8.4km, climb: 195m, 18 controls)

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Point calculations
1,207.64 + (59.05 x (5,984.10 - T)) / 1,233.60
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jason InmanFVOM197001:13:371283
2Laurence CloadINVOCM197801:15:021279
3David RobertsonCLYDEM196401:17:001273
4Alison CampbellSTAGF199101:23:161255
5Dan ParkerBLM196201:23:241255
6Janine InmanFVOF197701:23:511253
7Ray WardINTM197501:29:021238
8Eleanor BalesEUOCF200001:33:181226
9Alistair DuguidTAYM197501:34:011224
10Atis KalejsSTAGM197301:35:191220
11Karen ParkerBLF196301:35:411219
12Louise AdamsINTF199801:36:591216
13Peter McLuckieMORM197001:37:041215
14David EadesINTM196701:42:521199
15Fiona EadesINTF200401:43:051198
16Eddie HarwoodMORM195201:54:421165
17Andrew KitchinINTM196801:55:141163
18Julian RobinsonGRAMPM197101:55:271162
19David McneishESOCM197202:09:351122
20Nick LangleyCLYDEM197002:24:371079
21Chris KellyFVOM197402:26:501072
22David TheakerINDM200203:21:45
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