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Midsummer on Gower - 2023 Welsh League event, 01/07/2023

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Blue (length: 6.5km, climb: 195m, 20 controls)

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Point calculations
1,103.80 + (77.80 x (4,844.80 - T)) / 834.69
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Clive HallettBOKM196300:47:361289
2James ClemenceSWOCM196000:59:261223
3Eoin O Donnell200701:02:59
4Juliette SoulardODF197101:04:431193
5Alan O'Donnell197801:05:37
6David WilliamsHOCM196201:10:071163
7Aidan HiltonSNM200801:10:37
8Duncan InnesSWOCM196201:13:091146
9Bruce BryantODM195701:13:161146
10Bernhard HagenBOKM197301:13:551142
11Paul EatonTVOCM199701:14:331138
12Alan RosenHHM195501:14:401138
13Joyce MarshallAIREF196001:16:381127
14Bethan IrwinSBOCF197801:17:071124
15Ian MoranSOCM195801:17:101124
16Andy RimesQOM196301:17:271122
17Mykyta ChubynskyODM197601:18:261117
18Chris MoncasterKERNOM195401:20:461104
19Christine FarrSWOCF197501:20:471104
20Jackie Hallett195701:23:141090
21Ian RobertsMVM196601:23:331088
22Siobhan LockSBOCF199901:26:441070
23Greg BestNGOCM196201:28:291061
24Ian MarshallAIREM196201:28:341060
25Rose TaylorNGOCF200601:37:501008
26Katie LakeSBOCF200601:38:011007
27Karen CrawfordBOKF196901:40:36993
28Andy CreberNGOCM195801:42:22983
29Rebecca MedlockWSXF197401:43:27977
30Johanna PowellWAOCF197601:51:40931
-Malcolm LyonTVOCM195601:19:26
-Derick MercerBKOM196401:27:37
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