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Tim Watkins Trophy, 26/11/2023

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F (length: 5.725km, climb: 355m, 17 controls)

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Point calculations
977.57 + (105.42 x (5,901.33 - T)) / 930.41
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Brad ConnorFVOM197001:01:561225
2Bethan BuckleyAIREF201001:07:25
3Graham CapperSROCM195801:14:241140
4Chris PooleCLOKM197001:17:051122
5Louise DunnSROCF196001:21:091095
6Andrew LewsleyBLM195501:26:171060
7Pete NelsonWCOCM195401:26:311058
8Carol EdwardsBLF195701:27:401050
9Cath LeeLOCF196201:30:151033
10Roger SmithLOCM194801:30:391030
11Angie HulleyLOCF196201:33:391010
12John NashLOCM195001:34:321004
13Raymond WrenBLM194601:36:20991
14Nigel HulleyLOCM195901:38:16978
15Susan StevensAIREF195301:40:16965
16Christine RobinsonLOCF195601:40:30963
17Rach StavertLOCF196601:40:57960
18Lesley WardSYOF196901:42:51947
19Brenda RutterSROCF196301:43:07945
20Andy RobinsonLOCM195401:44:17937
21Brian JacksonSROCM194601:44:37935
22Elaine BakerDEEF196701:48:11911
23Keiko ConwayGOF196201:52:14883
24Jacqueline EmbreySROCF195801:53:57872
25Jenny WrenBLF195001:54:20869
26Anne WilsonAIREF195201:54:30868
27Judith FilmoreLOCF195801:59:19835
28Ann SmithLOCF194802:10:54756
-David SpencerM200202:49:04
-Michelle SpencerF197802:49:14
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