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MV Park Event, 02/09/2022

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Medium (length: 3.4km, 12 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Petter Andreas BerghM197700:20:21
2Tim ScarbroughMVM198400:21:46
3Joakim ErikssonM196200:23:48
4Ian DitchfieldMVM195600:25:26
5Mathew AverillBOFM199800:25:48
6Jon BjørgumM196200:25:49
7Adrian PicklesWREM195700:25:59
8Clare LONERGANSLOWF197800:26:15
9Remo MadellaM197200:27:25
10Melanie SladeSNF196800:28:04
11Marianne NjåsteinF196700:28:33
12Carys MorganSLOWF197600:28:51
13Tony UdrisSYOM196900:28:56
14Sally CallandDVOF197500:29:21
15Ashley TillingMVM195600:31:24
16Stine NjåsteinF200100:31:39
17Jayne SalesMFRF198200:31:50
18Richard DixonINDM198700:31:57
19Are NjåsteinM196700:32:53
20Carole ChapmanLOGF196200:34:57
21Daniela Pretelt HarriesSLOWF199400:38:00
22Anthony WallerHHM197000:39:01
23Susan StevensAIREF195300:39:49
24Dawn CliffordMVF197100:41:48
25Jacqueline EdwardsHALOF195600:44:11
26rhona fraserESOCF195400:48:38
27Ruth RhodesSOF194200:53:29
28Ben RiversGOM194400:57:30
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