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Bentley Woods South - WM Champs, WM League, 02/04/2023

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Brown (length: 10km, climb: 250m, 26 controls)

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Point calculations
1,208.16 + (93.40 x (5,805.04 - T)) / 1,403.31
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1William GardnerODM199300:58:561359
2Martin PigottPOTOCM197501:12:111306
3Robert HoldwayPOTOCM198301:14:551295
4Richard ParkinDVOM196801:15:191294
5Chloe PotterSYOF199801:15:261293
6Nigel BunnTVOCM196401:19:591275
7Graham PigottPOTOCM198101:21:471268
8Iain StampWCHM198001:23:031263
9Ian JonesERYRIM196801:25:391252
10Tsz Fung YuODM199801:26:291249
11Paul AddisonLOCM195701:29:171238
12Richard LloydLOKM196801:30:201234
13David LeadleyODM196401:31:481228
14Mark SaundersBOKM195901:33:331221
15Anne StraubeODF197501:35:141214
16Kevin LomasNOCM195601:40:041195
17Thomas LewisWREM198501:48:131162
18Russell FinchODM196501:51:031151
19Andy HemstedHOCM194901:53:391141
20George SimmonsODM199501:55:511132
21Julian BassHOCM196401:58:241122
22James ThomasHOCM198802:01:481108
23Jonathan WhilockPOTOCM196602:07:201086
24Mark GloverSMOCM198102:51:43909
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