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GO Local event, 13/05/2023

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Short Green (length: 2.6km, climb: 110m, 17 controls)

Other courses: Short Blue | Orange | Yellow
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Frank EdgeSNM195600:30:33
2Vincent JoyceSOM195400:39:26
3Joe HouseSOM195400:42:41
4Jim ProwtingTVOCM194600:43:20
5Leianne UptonMVF196100:47:01
6Tony LudfordBADOM194400:53:40
7Murat ArslanINDM200200:56:33
8Chris RandellINDM195300:56:37
9Helen RiversGOF195400:56:48
10George EngelhardtMVM195100:57:17
11Rob MullensBKOM197800:59:04
12Sue HandsWIMF194800:59:45
13Akshay KumarMVM197901:02:24
14Sally PlaceGOF196301:06:44
15James ThorntonGOM196801:07:00
16Elodie ClausMVF200501:08:35
17Kat CollmanGOF199101:13:01
18Matthew ChessumSOCM198401:13:19
19Ruth RhodesSOF194201:20:28
20Paul BlagbroughMVM194801:33:47
21Ben RiversGOM194401:35:59
22Alex PickupMVM200901:55:11
-Chun Ho Andre FuWAOCM201001:05:14
-Josh StraherINDM200801:08:48
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