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MAROC Pannanich Regional, 17/09/2023

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Green (length: 3.575km, climb: 255m, 12 controls)

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Point calculations
1,054.03 + (77.31 x (5,249.83 - T)) / 1,244.58
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Alan BennettMAROCM196601:01:401150
2Rebecca MorrisBASOCF198101:07:361128
3Ewan CameronMAROCM195801:09:191122
4Dougal LamontINVOCM197101:11:531112
5Gabor Istvan SzelesMAROCM196201:12:001112
6Fiona ForrestRRF197401:15:401098
7Lorna GrahamF197301:18:53
8Claire GallagherGRAMPF197801:19:541082
9John MalleyINVOCM195801:26:181058
10Susan BarrieMAROCF196601:30:161044
11Laura FarquharsonGRAMPF196701:33:531030
12David EssonGRAMPM197901:41:011004
13Katja NeumannMAROCF196901:46:59981
14Anna BichardMAROCF196702:21:05854
15Aileen SalwayMAROCF197002:23:44844
-Adrian WillGRAMPM197401:09:26
-Ricky McKayMORM196801:43:13
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