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SO - SOG S3 - Cowdray Forest & Burnt Place, 02/03/2024

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Short Green (length: 3km, climb: 75m, 12 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Sophia BowesSOF200900:39:06
2Neil WattsSOM195700:41:45
3Einar J. SolgaardSOM194500:46:48
4Mark SalthouseSOM196300:47:57
5Emily WatersSOF201100:50:19
6John SeastonMVM197000:50:37
7Di TurnerSOF195100:53:13
8Toby SmithSOM197300:55:24
9Beatrice WatersSOF197200:55:41
10Ben SeastonMVM201300:55:48
11Andrea PaulingSAXF197100:55:57
12Linda HulleySOF195600:57:51
13Teresa TurnerSLOWF194800:58:56
14Michele FunnellSOF195401:01:58
15Christopher SimpsonSOM194501:04:04
16George EngelhardtMVM195101:04:17
17Brian FarhallSOM194301:05:24
18Liz SeastonMVF197601:09:16
19Kathryn HeppinstallBOFF197401:09:21
20Alison SharpSOF195601:10:36
21Karen AshworthSOF196701:11:54
22John MorrisSOM194501:14:16
23Sarah LoweSOF197001:15:35
24Sesu MpalaBAOCF199001:17:42
25Johanna Warner-SwannSOF197001:23:34
26Brian RodgersSOM194801:45:16
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