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Saturday Series 6, 23/03/2024

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Blue (length: 6km, climb: 200m, 22 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Oliver JohnsonSYOM197800:37:15
2Adam ConwaySHUOCM200300:41:04
3Dominic GreenCLOKM200300:41:44
4James BryantSYOM200700:42:42
5Chloe PotterSYOF199800:42:54
6Mark AndersonSYOM197700:43:36
7Martyn JamesSYOM198100:45:47
8Dylan JenkinsonSYOM200500:45:56
9Jack BakerSHUOCM200000:46:40
10Evan JenkinsonSYOM200700:46:41
11Kim BaxterSYOF197600:46:54
12Colin LynchSYOM196800:47:42
13David ToddSYOM196600:47:48
14Paul WalwynSYOM198000:48:24
15John DoyleSYOM200700:48:54
16David BestSYOM197900:49:46
17Liam GreenCLOKM200500:50:10
18Abbie WalkerSHUOCF000000:53:24
19Paul NormanSYOM196200:53:52
20Joseph SmithKINGED000000:53:53
21Mike GouldinM000000:55:23
22Erica MorrisF000000:55:45
23Ben CarterPFOM197700:57:45
24Sally CallandDVOF197501:01:00
25Aly BrookPFOF198501:01:28
26Roger LewisSYOM197301:03:47
27Max WilsonSHOUCM000001:04:10
28David SmithM000001:12:35
29Paul HurrellM000001:21:23
30Fleur JonesF000001:25:08
31Julie LaverockMDOCF196801:27:50
32Jennie WoodF000002:17:14
-Adrien GalletSHUOCM199700:35:26
-Bob Johnston mpM000000:58:10
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