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British Sprint Championships - Heats, 30/09/2017

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H3.1 (length: 3.5km, climb: 55m, 15 controls)

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Point calculations
1,173.23 + (100.17 x (1,130.78 - T)) / 188.83
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Hollie OrrLOCF198900:14:281313
2Bethany HansonAROSF199600:15:001296
3Sarah RollinsSNF197600:15:061292
4Kirstin MaxwellRRF199200:15:191286
5David PeelSYOM196600:15:321279
6Clive HallettBOKM196300:15:521268
7Julian BirkinshawTVOCM196400:16:021263
8Jon CrossFVOM196700:16:251251
9Andrew CampbellMORM196700:16:341246
10David LawsonODM196300:16:471239
11Paul TaylorSYOM196500:17:081228
12Alan VeleckySOM196600:17:271218
13Steve DempseySYOM196300:17:291217
14Dil WetherillWAOCM196400:17:521204
15David WatheyMDOCM196500:18:061197
16Clare LeveridgeBOFF199000:18:321183
17Mel TaylorSAXM196400:18:451176
18Jeff ButtSARUMM196300:18:591169
19Rebecca Dal BonSLOWF199400:19:021167
20Paul MartinSNM196700:19:281153
21Matt WhiteLEIM196700:20:441113
22Leah WilliamsWIGHTOF199700:21:031103
23Laura ParkesHHF199200:21:071101
24Fiona TamSLOWF198900:21:091100
25Howard WallerTVOCM196400:21:171096
26Mark HowellSNM196500:21:511078
27Marie-Anne FischerTVOCF196100:22:441050
28Alastair PatersonLEIM196700:23:041039
29Mark FoxwellBKOM196400:24:49983
30Andrew FrenchWIMM196500:25:40956
31Seen Yee HoW199700:27:21
32Clare SkidmoreTVOCF198400:27:56884
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