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SOLWAY Mark Hill SoSOL, 14/10/2018

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Blue (length: 5.8km, climb: 185m, 18 controls)

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Point calculations
1,099.25 + (121.91 x (4,913.58 - T)) / 1,217.42
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Michael BillinghurstWCOCM196000:56:431251
2Ben HartmanINTM196900:57:221247
3Donald PetrieCLYDEM195700:57:221247
4Barry VeitchM197300:57:58
5Alastair DunlopCLYDEM197301:01:361221
6Paul McGrealM197301:03:53
7Keith BrownESOCM196201:07:531183
8Zoe GrahamSOLWAYF200001:08:271180
9Ben BrownESOCM200101:10:111170
10Ian DavidsonCLYDEM195701:11:131163
11Alastair McCartneyCLYDEM200401:14:24
12Christine GouldingBLF196301:18:151121
13Adrian WillGRAMPM197401:20:331107
14Helena NolanESOCF196601:21:281102
15Steven BreezeWCOCM197101:24:151085
16Alastair MurgatroydSOLWAYM199201:25:471076
17Fred DavidsonM197801:27:09
18Pete YoungerELOM195501:28:121061
19Leonne HutchinsonESOCF196901:29:121055
20Ronald NolanESOCM196701:30:091050
21Nick LangleyCLYDEM197001:37:531003
22Paul WilliamsBLM195001:42:19977
23Angela JacksonWCOCF197501:47:34945
24Christian Chapman-BirdM199701:48:41
25John SmithSOLWAYM195301:54:27904
26Mark KassykESOCM195701:58:46878
27Stuart McCartneyCLYDEM196502:14:09785
28David Adamson SOLWAYM195802:18:51757
29Sally McCartneyCLYDEF196502:29:55691
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