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ESOC Sprint-O - Race 2, 03/02/2019

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Course 3 (length: 2.4km, 18 controls)

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Point calculations
1,073.13 + (123.75 x (1,092.86 - T)) / 221.56
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Ian MaxwellRRM196000:13:071244
2Keith TonkinBLM195800:13:131241
3Donald PetrieCLYDEM195700:13:291232
4Graeme AcklandINTM196200:13:481221
5Paul CabanINTM196400:13:521219
6Gary LonghurstFVOM195900:14:011214
7Keith BrownESOCM196200:14:371194
8Tereza Maria RushBOKF197900:14:451189
9Graham McIntyreINTM195800:15:161172
10Pete LawrenceGrampM196400:15:24
11Keith RobertsMAROCM195900:16:191137
12Trevor HoeyFVOM196400:16:391126
13Cathy TilbrookFVOF196700:16:461122
14Josie StansfieldFVOF196900:17:001114
15Helena NolanESOCF196600:17:061110
16Roger ThomasWCOCM196000:17:481087
17Alison MathesonINVOCF197000:17:491086
18Robert NeilFVOM195700:18:511052
19David RobertsonESOCM196200:19:251033
20Judith BellESOCF196900:19:301030
21Rachel ScottGRAMPF196500:19:491019
22Laura FarquharsonGRAMPF196700:20:201002
23Elizabeth KenyonMORF197000:20:40991
24Jamie WilsonELOM196000:20:57981
25Jenny HammondFVOF197500:21:27965
26Carol BurnappECKOF196700:21:57948
27Tim HardingELOM196300:22:07942
28Leonne HutchinsonESOCF196900:22:49919
29Bridget KhursheedRRF196500:23:28897
30Jeni RoweF197600:23:56881
31Alexander CampbellMAROCM196000:24:37859
32Mark KassykESOCM195700:25:49818
33Kenneth HORNERRM196300:29:52683
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