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Winsford Urban (UKUL), 08/10/2023

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Course 4 - MUV WSV (length: 6.5km, climb: 55m, 20 controls)

Other courses: Course 1 - MO | Course 2 - MV WO | Course 3 - MSV WV | Course 5 - MHV WUV WHV | Course 6 - MJ WJ | Course 7 - MYJ WYJ

Point calculations
1,003.92 + (121.23 x (3,194.91 - T)) / 738.94
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1John EmbreySROCM195800:33:081202
2Paul ShannonDEEM195800:37:351158
3Graham NilsenDEEM195800:37:511156
4Ian DitchfieldMVM195600:39:441137
5Andrew KellyCLAROM195800:39:541135
6Ianka EvansPOTOCF196700:40:241130
7Graham CapperSROCM195800:40:311129
8Mike GoldthorpeWREM195800:43:581095
9Catherine HillDEEF196600:45:261081
10Mike SnellERYRIM195600:46:001075
11John BrittonMDOCM195100:46:451068
12Diane JacksWREF196800:46:521067
13Steve InglebyDEEM195300:46:581066
14Paul TurnerSELOCM195800:47:011065
15John RobinsonWCHM195000:47:161063
16Nick CampbellDEEM195700:48:041055
17Sarah BaylissWREF196800:49:351040
18Karen QuickfallSROCF196300:50:391029
19Kath SpeakMDOCF195900:52:481008
20Jane McCannMDOCF196600:52:571007
21Martin BellDEEM196800:56:15
22Fiona BainesDEEF197300:56:45
23Gerard RileyPOTOCM195800:58:02957
24Elaine BakerDEEF196700:58:22954
25Maggie HateleyDEEF196300:59:22944
26Sandra MatherSMOCF196601:00:10936
27Amanda WardHALOF196301:01:09926
28Janet KnightDEEF196501:04:23894
29Chris O'DonnellDVOM196801:04:32893
30Stephen RoundSELOCM195101:04:48890
31Ruth HarrisDEEF196901:07:26864
32Andrew PayneDEEM195101:10:17836
33Barry ChambersDEEM195101:15:55781
34Ian GilliverMDOCM195101:18:22757
35Les SmithardKFOM195201:20:58731
-Bob DredgeWCOCM195100:41:54
-Louise DunnSROCF196000:48:49
-David RoseINDM195301:01:57
-Geoffrey WoolfendenDEEM195301:05:04
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