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East Midlands League 2021, 12/12/2021

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Brown (length: 5.1km, climb: 110m, 29 controls)

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Point calculations
1,155.43 + (113.92 x (3,477.16 - T)) / 680.28
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1John DuckworthDVOM196600:41:251322
2Marcus ScotneyFVOM197400:42:161313
3Greg FootWAOCM198300:42:291311
4Andy GloverLEIM197800:44:481288
5Ian WebbSLOWM198300:48:561246
6Chris McCartneyHOCM196900:49:011245
7Edward de Salis YoungLEIM196900:50:031235
8Craig LucasLOGM199700:50:041235
9James RogersLOCM199300:50:181232
10Leah WilliamsWIGHTOF199700:50:241231
11Philip Johnston-DavisRAFOM197300:50:581226
12Andy SykesDVOM196500:51:281221
13Graham PigottPOTOCM198100:53:511197
14David DunnPOTOCM197800:54:491187
15Mykyta ChubynskyODM197601:03:301100
16Sally CallandDVOF197501:05:341079
17Aimee DarleySNF200301:06:191071
18James ThomasHOCM198801:06:531066
19Roger PhillipsLEIM197601:07:201061
20Karl KingsmanHOCM196401:07:411058
21Ian ChaferHOCM196501:10:151032
22Steve SchofieldNOCM196301:12:161012
23David SissonsNOCM197301:13:111002
24Mark WebsterNOCM196501:13:30999
25David CladingboelLEIM196601:16:35968
26Iain PhillipsLEIM196701:17:11962
27Lynne MabbittF196102:09:08
-Kevin LomasNOCM195600:51:26
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