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STAG's 24th Glasgow Parks Champs - Race 1, 03/12/2023

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Course 4 (length: 1.975km, climb: 25m, 8 controls)

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Point calculations
999.52 + (121.52 x (967.06 - T)) / 192.72
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Donald PetrieCLYDEM195700:11:051190
2Alison CunninghamFVOF196300:11:451165
3Helena NolanESOCF196600:12:241140
4Ian DavidsonCLYDEM195700:12:451127
5Crawford LindsayESOCM195500:13:491087
6Robin StrainELOM195000:14:561044
7Pauline McAdamKFOF195500:15:071037
8Phil SmithardKFOM194700:15:411016
9Janice NisbetESOCF195300:15:571006
10Andrew HealdSTAGM195800:16:09
11David NicholAYROCM195800:16:15995
12Pete YoungerELOM195500:16:28986
13Dave CoustickFVOM194500:16:36981
14Stevie EwensSTAGM195600:16:48974
15Fiona HendrieFVOF196000:17:04964
16Amelia PetrieCLYDEF195600:17:13958
17Saartje DrijverELOF196600:17:58930
18Charlie WoodwardAYROCM195400:18:25913
19Tricia WoodwardAYROCF195700:18:27911
20Craig McAdamKFOM195800:19:11
21Sheila StrainELOF194800:19:14882
22Christine PattersonCLYDEF195900:19:22877
23Sheelagh NicholAYROCF195700:20:02851
24Helen HardieSTAGF196300:23:23725
25Brian MillerESOCM195600:23:23725
26Joanna SchreiberSTAGF196500:23:43712
27Marcella McLennanTINTOF194700:24:46672
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