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Chris James Memorial Event, 22/05/2022

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Blue (length: 8km, climb: 80m, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
1,051.91 + (98.69 x (3,470.45 - T)) / 419.59
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Peter JamesRaid AbsoluM196700:44:48
2Andy CreberNGOCM195800:45:081231
3Simon DenmanNGOCM196500:46:461208
4Rachel LeathwoodBOKF197300:47:041204
5Nick DennisBOKM196000:49:111174
6Chris AtkinsBOKM197800:50:531150
7Jenny PeelSYOF196800:51:041148
8Ian GamlenHOCM196500:52:011134
9Mike GoldthorpeWREM195800:53:231115
10Joe ParkinsonNGOCM196200:54:001106
11Andrew StottNGOCM195900:55:121089
12Oscar PeelSYOM200800:55:39
13Duncan InnesSWOCM196200:58:031049
14Hannah BRADLEYNGOCF197300:58:181045
15Richard DaviesHOCM196000:59:581022
16Alan PucillNGOCM195901:00:171017
17Steve WilliamsNGOCM195501:00:451011
18Rachel DennisBOKF196701:01:071006
19Christine FarrSWOCF197501:01:43997
20Paul BryceNGOCM197001:01:54995
21Karen ThompsonHOCF196801:02:31986
22Robert KingAIREM195901:03:21974
23Catherine SladeSAXF197601:03:43969
24Phil DolphinHOCF197601:04:45954
25Marie-Anne FischerTVOCF196101:05:15947
26Richard RossingtonBOKM196101:05:51939
27Michelle WardNGOCF197001:06:31929
28Lap On LeungHOCM196601:07:05921
29Paul HammondHOCM196201:11:32859
30Ian PhillipsNGOCM195901:14:47813
-James ClemenceSWOCM196000:44:12
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