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DFOK SE Long Championships and SE League National, 22/01/2023

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Short Brown (length: 7.7km, climb: 215m, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
1,147.31 + (94.50 x (4,628.54 - T)) / 788.94
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Benjamin GostickHHM200500:53:101320
2Tommy HeapSOM200500:57:191290
3Will HeapSOM197301:01:291260
4Kenny LeitchSOM196401:02:221254
5Richard CollyerGOM197401:05:261231
6Ian MarsdenHHM197601:06:031227
7Alan YuleSOM197101:10:491193
8Anthony FlickLOKM197601:10:571192
9Maxime PesentiDFOKM200401:11:211189
10Douglas NesbitHHM197401:11:471186
11Simon DeeksSAXM196901:17:061148
12Darren Warner-SwannSOM196901:18:071140
13Stuart WilliamsSAXM197501:18:211139
14Kerria LinesWAOCF199401:19:091133
15Jens Moller-ButcherSNM197101:20:151125
16Sophie GordonGOF199501:22:161110
17Maxim ZorinSLOWM197701:22:361108
18Austin HoweSAXM200601:22:391108
19Sean CroninSAXM196601:23:531099
20Zsolt PodolyakSNM196801:25:511085
21Joe BarrettSOM196301:26:571077
22Richard FieldSAXM196301:29:191060
23Graham DenneySAXM196901:33:101032
24Garry GreenstreetSOM197301:34:101025
25Nigel BushMVM195501:41:57969
26Lee LudlowSNM198401:48:53919
27James ThorntonGOM196401:52:16895
28Fiona TamSLOWF198901:56:40863
-Dave CuminsSOM197001:07:49
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