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YHOA Urban League, 19/03/2022

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Blue (length: 5.3km, climb: 25m, 22 controls)

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Point calculations
1,097.31 + (81.62 x (3,107.45 - T)) / 597.95
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Karl MarshallSYOM196700:38:281206
2David HodsonHHM196400:40:091193
3Emma HarrisonEPOCF197200:43:451163
4Andrew KellyCLAROM195800:44:141159
5Rebecca AspinSOCF200000:44:271157
6Stephen FryCLAROM196500:45:431147
7David WilliamsAIREM196200:46:001145
8Steve CorriganEBORM195800:46:191142
9Graeme AddisonCLOKM196700:48:311124
10Aly BrookPFOF198500:49:271116
11David RochesterCLAROM197000:49:321116
12Andy EllisPFOM196000:49:391115
13Paul Van DamHALOM196700:51:261100
14Jemima ParkerCLAROF196800:51:521097
15Christopher WrightCLOKM195800:52:011095
16Megan HarrisonEPOCF199900:52:141094
17Helen EllisPFOF197200:54:461073
18Robert HowlettEBORM196400:56:031062
19David MurphyCLOKM196200:57:261051
20Paul BoylesNATOM197500:57:521048
21Paul TurnerSELOCM195800:58:411041
22Peter JonesAIREM195701:00:181028
23Meg BakerNNF199201:02:131012
24Caroline CopeNATOF197201:27:36804
-Paul NormanSYOM196200:46:13
-Peter HarrisHALOM195800:50:02
-Peter AvisAIREM196301:01:10
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