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Town Centre Urban (UKUL), 09/07/2023

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Course D (length: 4.4km, 24 controls)

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Point calculations
985.29 + (143.94 x (2,829.00 - T)) / 705.06
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1John EmbreySROCM195800:29:511197
2Keith TonkinBLM195800:30:521185
3Andrew KellyCLAROM195800:34:141144
4Ian DitchfieldMVM195600:34:551135
5Steve CorriganEBORM195800:35:251129
6Ruth KerCLAROF196700:35:441125
7Graham CapperSROCM195800:36:421113
8Louise DunnSROCF196000:38:141095
9Eileen MaxwellRRF196300:38:211093
10Peter HarrisHALOM195800:39:351078
11Paul TurnerSELOCM195800:39:531074
12Simon FilmoreLOCM195600:41:071059
13Christopher WrightCLOKM195800:44:571012
14Janet LeakeEBORF195900:45:221007
15Mary RackNATOF195900:45:561000
16Tim O'DonoghueSOLWAYM195200:45:591000
17Allen BanisterNNM195600:46:08998
18Fred MillerNATOM195100:46:21995
19Elizabeth CampbellMORF196500:47:26982
20Debby WarrenNNF196300:49:40954
21Valerie GilleardAIREF195900:50:54939
22Stephen RoundSELOCM195100:53:43905
23Andrew PayneDEEM195100:54:57890
24Amanda WardHALOF196300:54:59889
25Jane YatesBLF196800:55:35882
26Mike RidealghEBORM194901:00:24823
27Isoldt HarrisHALOF195901:01:56804
28Brian DaviesBLM195001:03:42783
29John PullinLOCM194901:06:20750
30Joe TriggCLOKM195101:15:46635
31Les SmithardKFOM195201:15:52634
-Julian LaileySROCM194600:59:17
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