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EMUL 2023 Lincoln City Urban, 20/08/2023

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Course 3 (length: 4.8km, climb: 25m, 25 controls)

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Point calculations
1,062.57 + (98.15 x (2,261.82 - T)) / 388.26
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Richard ParkinDVOM196800:28:141206
2Brian WardHALOM196200:30:141176
3David HodsonHHM196400:30:251173
4Emma JarrettWAOCF197600:30:331171
5Ade ChapmanLOGM196300:32:451138
6Dave ChaffeyDVOM196300:33:031133
7David CladingboelLEIM196600:33:251127
8David VincentDVOM196100:33:261127
9Jane DevilleLOGF197400:35:301096
10Francesco LariDVOM196500:35:321095
11Ian ByrneSMOCM195700:36:321080
12Murray WhiteDVOM196600:36:391078
13Andy EllisPFOM196000:36:471076
14Alastair PatersonLEIM196700:37:501060
15Andrea PageLOGF197600:38:111055
16Steve ChaferLEIM196700:38:171054
17Andrew SelbyDVOM197500:38:341049
18Liz PhillipsODF196400:39:441032
19Andrew EvansLOGM198000:42:15994
20Hayley FoxLOGF197400:42:45986
21Caitlin ChaferLEIF200100:43:36973
22Claire SelbyDVOF197200:45:33943
23Alain KydMDOCM197000:48:48894
24Andy FurnellLOGM196400:50:26869
25Jonathan LeeLEIM196100:52:07844
-Andrew RidgwayNOCM196200:27:54
-Trevor HindleMDOCM196400:31:01
-Tanya TaylorLOGF197000:34:25
-Helen EllisPFOF197200:40:19
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