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EMOA League 2023 (Donisthorpe and Moira), 29/10/2023

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Blue (length: 5.5km, climb: 85m, 26 controls)

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Point calculations
1,059.16 + (57.75 x (4,505.41 - T)) / 630.95
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Paul MorrisNOCM195700:57:271156
2James PrinceDVOM197001:01:441133
3Tom HartlandDVOM197501:03:571120
4Francesco LariDVOM196501:05:001115
5Alastair PatersonLEIM196701:05:591109
6Tanya TaylorLOGF197001:07:131102
7Mick LuckingNOCM195701:07:351100
8Andrew YeatesWCHM196001:09:121092
9Dorien JamesSMOCM196101:09:201091
10Liz PhillipsODF196401:10:211085
11Rob HendersonNOCM198801:11:081081
12Roy MittonNOCM196901:11:121081
13Steve EdgarLEIM196601:11:511077
14Adam KentSYOM196801:14:391062
15Robyn StanyonSYOF196601:14:491061
16Helen ChiswellDVOF197701:14:531060
17Lizzie RosewellNOCF198101:14:541060
18Alison HardyLEIF196601:15:411056
19Diane JacksWREF196801:16:061054
20Ian ProwseNGOCM195201:17:241046
21Mike CapperWAOCM195501:18:111042
22Mark SherriffLEIM196201:19:151036
23David SissonsNOCM197301:19:341035
24Geoff TrewinHOCM195101:23:571010
25Brian HughesHOCM194701:24:241008
26Monica HendersonNOCF198901:31:00972
27Nicola HartDVOF196201:32:17965
28Mark GloverSMOCM198101:49:31870
-Andy SykesDVOM196500:55:02
-Bob DredgeWCOCM195100:59:25
-David CladingboelLEIM196601:07:53
-Stan AlexanderODM195201:11:16
-Stuart SwalwellDVOM195001:34:37
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