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Scottish Sprint Champs - incorporating SOUL5, 02/04/2023

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Course 4 (length: 2.825km, climb: 15m, 12 controls)

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Point calculations
998.12 + (123.00 x (1,113.03 - T)) / 248.77
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Alison CunninghamFVOF196300:13:441141
2Martin CaldwellESOCM195300:14:301118
3Helena NolanESOCF196600:14:311118
4Eileen MaxwellRRF196300:14:381114
5Cathy TilbrookFVOF196700:15:011103
6Crawford LindsayESOCM195500:15:161096
7Eddie HarwoodMORM195200:15:231092
8Nick HaleMAROCM195800:16:021073
9Vicky ThorntonFVOF196100:16:021073
10Louise LonghurstFVOF196400:16:321058
11Robin StrainELOM195000:16:341057
12Tricia AlstonINTF196300:16:501049
13Lindsey KnoxRRF195900:16:561046
14Robert NeilFVOM195700:17:281030
15Dawn GoddardFVOF196700:17:311029
16Marie Claire ShanklandFVOF196700:17:551017
17Stevie EwensSTAGM195600:17:591015
18Carolyn DudleyMAROCF196200:18:011014
19Colin InverarityINTM195300:18:071011
20Jane AcklandINTF196400:18:071011
21Colin MathesonFVOM195400:19:14978
22Ted FinchFVOM195200:19:36967
23Rachel WilsonCLYDEF196600:19:43964
24Elizabeth CampbellMORF196500:19:46962
25James MorrisonFVOM195500:20:13949
26Hazel HindleMDOCF196300:21:36908
27Fiona JohnstonRRF196000:24:08832
28Sally McCartneyCLYDEF196500:24:20827
29Ian McCubbinTAYM195300:24:25824
30Mark KassykESOCM195700:27:17739
31Ian HendrieFVOM195200:33:14563
32Les SmithardKFOM195200:33:31554
-Donald PetrieCLYDEM195700:12:26
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