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ESOC SoSOL, 17/09/2023

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Green (length: 4.775km, climb: 200m, 15 controls)

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Point calculations
1,016.80 + (76.23 x (3,846.47 - T)) / 709.03
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Amelia ElliottF200200:42:17
2Heather ThomsonFVOF197800:43:17
3Calum RobertsonESOCM200900:45:29
4Matthew RossINTM200300:46:361130
5Finlay RossESOCM196600:48:371117
6Evgueni ChepelinELOM196300:49:15
7Mary RossINTF197200:50:151106
8Terry O'Brien BEMSTAGM195800:52:071094
9Ann HaleyINTF196400:52:501090
10Claire WilkinsonSOLWAYF198400:55:251073
11Eileen MaxwellRRF196300:57:121061
12Roger GarnettESOCM195100:57:351059
13Tim O'DonoghueSOLWAYM195201:01:331033
14Jason MitchelM197801:01:58
15Donald SmithTAYM195101:03:231021
16Hanne RobertsonESOCF197001:03:481019
17Robin StrainELOM195001:05:431006
18Martin CaldwellESOCM195301:06:53999
19James MurdochESOCM196801:07:18
20Ian PyrahESOCM194401:08:14990
21Freyja AbbottSTAGF199701:10:41974
22David LaneESOCM195301:14:39949
23Kate BosherBOKF199901:23:54889
24Neil McMillanELOM198501:31:06843
25Olly SimmersESOCM200801:31:13
26Mark KassykESOCM195701:58:44664
-Robert CranstonRRM196500:58:26
-Megan BrownESOCF200801:06:30
-Roger ScruttonESOCM194701:13:41
-Amy LeungF198301:59:21
-Jensen LuiM197802:28:29
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