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Regional Middle Distance, 03/03/2024

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Brown (length: 4.7km, climb: 120m, 28 controls)

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Point calculations
1,193.87 + (79.00 x (3,032.56 - T)) / 478.07
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Barnaby WarrenNNM199600:37:361322
2Quentin HardingCLAROM196200:39:201305
3Julian SimpsonCLOKM197500:43:071267
4John EmbreySROCM195800:43:301264
5Dave MurgatroydAIREM198900:43:381262
6James MeredithEBORM197800:44:141256
7Rachel BakerCLOKF200600:45:241245
8Rob BakerNNM197800:51:491181
9George HareNATOM196400:51:521181
10Graeme MacmillanBAOCM197600:52:011179
11Alastair MackenzieCLOKM195800:52:041179
12Steve CorriganEBORM195800:52:361173
13Thomas DuttonNNM199200:53:081168
14Emma HarrisonEPOCF197200:53:181167
15Bruce BryantODM195700:54:561150
16Ruth KerCLAROF196700:56:531131
17Katherine HampshireNNF196901:02:331075
18David HarrisonSYOM196201:05:041050
19Stuart FraserEBORM199001:07:551022
-Andrew KellyCLAROM195800:56:02
-Anne MurgatroydAIREF198000:57:18
-Karen ParkerBLF196300:59:25
-Ian RowanCLOKM197801:15:20
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