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Peter Palmer Junior Team Relays, 08/09/2019

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Yellow (length: 1.975km, climb: 35m, 13 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Elsa HedinW200500:11:19
2Lily ReganWCOCF200200:12:04
3Daniel SpencerWCOCM200000:12:35
4Jocie HiltonSNF200600:12:54
5Oscar PeelSYOM200800:13:14
6Anna ToddSYOF200800:13:16
7Hebe DarwinWAOCF200700:13:51
8Amelia BartlettSOF200300:14:11
9Nadine Huss LandstromW200500:14:30
10Suante NelanderM200500:14:31
11Tabitha LunnODF200400:15:02
12Josie SmartF200500:15:06
13Jessica BreezeWCOCF200200:15:16
14Natalie WingW200700:15:24
15Harry WoodallWCOCM200700:15:27
16Isaac HunterWCOCM200700:15:28
17Carys PhoenixSYOF200500:15:50
18Madeleine PitcherDFOKF200600:15:52
19Ethan DaplynSNM200700:16:10
20Millie NormanSYOF200600:16:11
21Lucy TownleyW200700:16:14
22Myrtle AshworthWCOCF200700:16:32
23Abigail ToyeW200700:17:22
24Hannah LuuW200700:17:24
25Nikita JasiunasM200700:17:41
26Joseph GuySYOM200800:17:49
27Toby TownsendSYOM200700:17:55
28Sophie CrawfordWCOCF200800:20:04
29Alice SoulsbyW200700:20:12
30Ralph HopeSOM200200:20:47
31George HopeSOM200500:20:56
32Sebastian SnajdarSOM200700:21:01
33Stina JarhedeW200500:21:24
34Rebecca LovegroveSNF200600:21:40
35Dylan RookeGOM200500:23:33
36Sorrel PurdySOF200200:25:43
37Thomas BrotchieHHM200800:25:55
38Rory NesbitHHM200800:25:57
39Tiernan JinkinsM200500:34:59
-John DoyleSYOM200700:13:33
-Daniel HeppellWCOCM200600:14:02
-Sara EkstromW200500:14:33
-Zoe ToyeGOF200500:14:34
-Margaux HodgsonSYOF200800:19:51
-George RennieWCOCM200800:20:06
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