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LOC April Weekend National Level Long Distance, 15/04/2018

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Short Brown 1 (length: 6.86km, climb: 325m, 20 controls)

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Point calculations
1,252.03 + (76.86 x (4,236.85 - T)) / 953.90
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Tom LinesINTM199900:52:121341
2Freddie CarcasINTM199900:53:481333
3Joseph WrightEUOCM200000:53:531333
4Alex CarcasINTM199800:54:331330
5Matthew FellbaumMDOCM199800:55:081327
6Tom WoodERYRIM200000:56:491319
7Lachlan ChavasseDRONGOM199900:56:491319
8Daniel SpencerWCOCM200000:57:291316
9Finlay ToddINVOCM199900:58:351310
10Sarah JonesLOCF199600:58:531309
11David BunnEUOCM200101:00:171302
12Alasdair PedleyAROSM199901:00:451300
13Stanley HeapEUOCM200101:00:511299
14Samuel FieldingBOFM199801:01:131297
15Felix WilsonEUOCM200001:01:231297
16Angus HarringtonCUOCM200101:02:401290
17Ben BreezeWCOCM200001:06:541270
18Joseph GoodwinWCOCM200001:09:191258
19Aislinn PrendergastSYOF198901:09:331257
20Rona LindsayESOCF199401:09:411257
21Ethan TebbuttLEIM200101:10:491251
22Kirsten StrainAROSF198601:12:571241
23Ben GoodwinWCOCM200101:13:301238
24Louis MorrisWCOCM200101:15:241229
25Anne EdwardsLOCF198901:16:051226
26Helen OckendenDRONGOF199701:19:051211
27Dominic DakinSYOM200101:20:531202
28Dave MurgatroydAIREM198901:21:581197
29Abigail KerrMDOCF199201:24:111186
30Leah WilliamsWIGHTOF199701:27:401170
31Francis Smith-WardLOCM200101:35:591129
32Alexander O'DonovanLOCM200001:39:001115
33Zuzka WindsorDRONGOF199201:41:241103
34Sarah Louise FrancisSNF196802:01:131007
-Harrison McCartneyLOKM199800:45:24
-Elizabeth GardnerCLYDEF198700:56:21
-Toni O'DonovanLEIF197801:26:02
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