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British Sprint Championships - Heats, 30/09/2017

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H4.2 (length: 3km, climb: 40m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
1,116.47 + (95.54 x (1,020.82 - T)) / 168.90
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Keith TonkinBLM195800:13:381231
2David HarrisonSYOM196200:13:411229
3Mark SaundersBOKM195900:13:441228
4David VincentDVOM196100:14:011218
5Alan HoneyBOKM196000:14:181209
6Steve BlountSOM196000:14:431194
7Paul TurnerSELOCM195800:15:011184
8Chris PooleTVOCM196100:15:031183
9Jenny PeelSYOF196800:15:251171
10Lynne ThomasWCOCF197000:16:171141
11Lucy WiegandSYOF196800:16:341132
12Natasha ConwayFVOF197100:16:411128
13Jon CarberrySROCM195900:17:041115
14Ronan ClearyLOKM196000:17:341098
15Ian TeasdaleWCOCM196000:18:071079
16Wendy BullenWIMF196800:18:131076
17David MitchellSBOCM195800:18:341064
18Judith BellESOCF196900:18:351063
19Helen MartlandEPOCF196800:19:011048
20David SaundersHHM195900:19:111043
21Sarah Louise FrancisSNF196800:22:01947
22Roger ThetfordTVOCM196200:22:12940
23Beverley InksonSYOF196900:22:32929
24Nicola O'DonnellDVOF197000:23:21901
25Alan WestLEIM195800:26:42788
-Charles SpenceLOKM195800:15:09
-Sarah BaylissWREF196800:19:22
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