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Scottish 6 Days - Day 5 (UKOL), 06/08/2021

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Freya TrynerSYOF200700:31:49
2Ruth GoochMAROCF200700:33:05
3Lyra MedlockWSXF200700:35:08
4Anna ToddSYOF200800:37:26
5Grace FrenchWIMF200700:40:16
6Ellie DarlowRRF200700:40:23
7Laura BarrettSNF200500:45:05
8Leon RickettsAIREM197600:47:25
9Meredith MoodyBOKF199700:50:33
10Charlotte SladeSNF200800:55:25
11Sophie CrawfordWCOCF200800:56:30
12Alex CrawfordWCOCF197101:00:35
13Maria GainesBLF200801:04:40
14Emma YoungTINTOF000001:05:01
15Andrew WhiteWREM195601:10:29
16Gary GladmanM196101:11:59
17Lorna YoungTINTOF195901:13:09
18Gillian TuddenhamTAYF198101:15:07
19Pam BrownHALOF195901:15:23
20Lindsay McManamonTAYF198101:23:16
21Karen WhiteLEIF196701:24:50
22Elspeth HootonEBORF196101:46:45
23Kerry CooperSNF197802:04:00
24Susan TwissellINTF196702:05:32
-Margaux HodgsonSYOF200800:47:09
-Isabelle GroomSYOF200701:12:11
-Anne GagerSROCF195901:13:44
-Alexandra GarnettSYOF200601:21:56
-Cinnamon HodgsonSYOF197001:57:43
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