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White Rose Sprint, 28/08/2023

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Course 3 (length: 1.8km, climb: 30m, 12 controls)

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Point calculations
983.22 + (148.57 x (1,718.00 - T)) / 710.66
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Graham JohnsonDVOM195500:17:131126
2Steve WhiteheadEBORM195100:18:471107
3Martyn RoomeSROCM195200:19:231099
4Ray CollinsWCHM195500:20:011091
5Dave BrownHALOM195700:20:581079
6Mark GlaisherSAXM195100:21:401071
7Christopher WrightCLOKM195800:21:541068
8Paul JohnsonSYOM195100:22:111064
9Stella LewsleyBLF195400:22:191062
10jill smithEBORF195400:22:241061
11Mike SnellERYRIM195600:22:261061
12Simon BrookEBORM195600:23:411045
13David LloydLOCM195100:23:491044
14Richard LlewellynNOCM195400:25:021028
15Andrew LewsleyBLM195500:25:061028
16Ian WhiteheadDVOM195500:25:141026
17Mike TurnerSOM195000:25:401020
18John RobinsonWCHM195000:26:071015
19Ian ProwseNGOCM195200:26:101014
20Ian RobsonEBORM195000:29:12976
21Timothy EvansCLAROM196300:29:23974
22Judy JohnsonBLF195100:30:25961
23Rosalind TauntonNGOCF195000:30:56954
24Susan RoomeSROCF195200:32:23936
25John TurnerTVOCM195200:33:58916
26Ruth HarrisDEEF196900:34:39908
27Paul TauntonNGOCM195000:34:52905
28Liz DrewCLAROF194900:38:27860
29Kathryn TurnerTVOCF195600:45:49768
30Julia PaulNORF195401:06:45505
31Mary CarrickHALOF194901:08:29483
32Andrew LeonCLOKM195601:09:36469
33Arabella WoodrowEPOCF195401:12:07438
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