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Southern Night Champs (SO) - Broadstone Warren & North Ashdown, 26/11/2022

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Short Green (length: 3.2km, climb: 110m, 9 controls)

Other courses: Brown | Blue | Green
Point calculations
951.76 + (168.00 x (3,933.05 - T)) / 1,494.11
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jackie HallettBOKF195700:40:511118
2Don McKerrowSLOWM195200:41:561111
3Jill BlountSOF196000:43:001104
4Mark GlaisherSAXM195100:43:021104
5Ben ChapmanSOM200900:44:51
6Roger MaherSOM193800:50:151055
7Lucy PatonSNF196100:50:281054
8Stephen WaiteSAXM194900:52:401039
9Alan RosenHHM195500:53:301033
10Helen ErringtonHHF196100:53:481031
11Heikki PalosuoSLOWM195100:57:021009
12Christine JepsonSOF195801:01:26980
13Susan CrickmoreSOF196201:02:14974
14Hannah CooperBOFF197801:05:10954
15Mike ElliotMVM195101:08:45930
16Ian CooperSYOM194701:09:03928
17Gwen TannerBOKF196001:10:32918
18John HarrisonBADOM194701:13:12900
19Ruth RhodesSOF194201:16:13880
20Charlotte ThorntonSARUMF194501:21:25845
21Maureen FitzpatrickSOF197101:21:36843
22Christine KingBOKF194901:22:06840
23Sarah BurridgeSOF200001:22:32837
24Linda HulleySOF195601:31:51774
25Penny MarshSOF196301:31:51774
26Freda PeirceSARUMF194102:32:12367
-Ian PeirceSARUMM194400:56:25
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