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YHOA Urban League Weekend - EuroCity Race, 16/07/2023

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WUV (length: 3.6km, climb: 85m, 24 controls)

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Point calculations
874.57 + (101.62 x (3,125.43 - T)) / 566.10
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Carol EdwardsBLF195700:37:321031
2Judy JohnsonBLF195100:38:511017
3Stella LewsleyBLF195400:39:301010
4Karen ClarkEBORF195500:42:31978
5jill smithEBORF195400:43:19969
6Susan StevensAIREF195300:43:47964
7Patricia DaviesBLF195500:44:36955
8Jacqueline EmbreySROCF195800:45:12949
9Christine RobinsonLOCF195600:45:16948
10Helen GardnerEBORF195000:46:19937
11Ann HarrisSMOCF195400:46:32934
12Margaret DalgleishESOCF195200:47:05929
13Pat MoodyDEEF195700:48:42911
14Marie RobertsMDOCF195800:49:12906
15Jane Kayley-BurgessDVOF195700:50:33891
16Arabella WoodrowEPOCF195400:52:11874
17Rosie ShawSMOCF195000:52:45867
18Linda KellyCLAROF195700:53:28860
19Ruth EllisDVOF195100:53:30859
20Maureen WebbLEIF195300:53:55855
21Philippa Lohmeyer-CollinsINDF195800:55:17
22Liz CarterAIREF195300:56:00832
23Margaret WilldigODF195300:57:25817
24Jean PayneDEEF195300:58:01811
25Cecilia DeanCLOKF195800:58:05810
26Margaret RidehalghPFOF195200:59:02800
27Jackie PageEPOCF195000:59:28795
28Christine RobertsEBORF194901:02:30762
29Jane PayneEPOCF195201:08:52694
30Jane StewODF195701:10:42674
31Mary CarrickHALOF194901:17:52597
32Susanne LevinsonEPOCF195401:32:29440
33Alison DoyleMDOCF194902:02:49113
-Christine KiddierBLF195200:44:48
-Jane CampbellDEEF195700:45:16
-Liz DrewCLAROF194900:55:53
-Ginny AndersonPFOF195601:02:55
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