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Icenian Day 2 - CompassSport Cup Heat, 19/02/2023

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Point calculations
1,154.82 + (101.63 x (4,210.88 - T)) / 1,157.72
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Greg FootWAOCM198300:46:211280
2Glen RichardsonNORM197800:50:491257
3Simon ErringtonHHM196300:55:281232
4Gareth RadcliffeSUFFOCM198000:57:291222
5Roger GoodingSOSM197400:58:251217
6Ben BethellNORM197901:00:301206
7Daniel CowleyNORM198101:00:561204
8Maciej JablonskiWAOCM197901:02:521193
9Steve HinshelwoodWAOCM196401:03:241191
10Brian CoweWAOCM197601:04:101186
11Andrew HendersonWAOCM196401:04:251185
12Stephen MiddletonCHIGM197801:13:231138
13Jacob StevensCHIGM197501:13:351137
14Jonathan WardWAOCM197401:17:221117
15Sam KeeleyINDM200401:18:07
16Andrew ElliottSUFFOCM197101:22:521088
17Sal ChaffeyDVOF196501:23:401084
18Gergely FaragoHHM197401:48:54951
19Richard PowellWAOCM197601:52:40931
20Brad SmithHHM198101:58:33900
21Dickson Chungyin TamHHM197602:01:34884
-Guy LidburyHAVOCM196900:57:28
-Douglas NesbitHHM197401:04:26
-Ross PatonINDM200401:27:18
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