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Peterborough Urban, 02/04/2023

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2 (length: 7.8km, climb: 45m, 21 controls)

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Point calculations
1,105.20 + (127.92 x (3,217.15 - T)) / 693.17
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1David DixonHHM197200:42:561224
2Andrew HendersonWAOCM196400:44:171209
3Gareth RadcliffeSUFFOCM198000:44:571201
4Daniel CowleyNORM198100:45:371194
5Ian RenfrewNORM196900:46:061188
6Steve HinshelwoodWAOCM196400:47:131176
7Ben BethellNORM197900:47:131176
8Steven ClellandSLOWM198200:47:171175
9Vinh-Phuong HoangSLOWF199100:47:361172
10Jenny CarlssonWAOCF198400:49:461148
11Fiona TamSLOWF198900:51:121132
12Keith BennettDFOKM197200:52:541113
13Rich KerswellWAOCM196500:52:571113
14Jonathan WardWAOCM197400:53:031112
15Richard PowellWAOCM197600:54:051100
16Anton LiljehammarSNATTRIM200400:54:20
17Robert McNabRAFOM196200:54:571090
18Benjamin CluderayRAFOM198000:55:511080
19Rachel SequeiraHHF198700:56:491070
20Charlotte ColesHHF198300:57:391061
21Cecilia HectorSNATTRIF200401:03:23
22Andy Barker-PilsworthRAFOM197001:04:49981
23Andrea PageLOGF197601:07:56947
24Andriy UtkinWAOCM198801:11:23909
25Natalie RudWAOCF198201:16:26853
26Endre CzirbeszWAOCM197401:35:13645
27Kata CzirbeszWAOCF200601:59:34375
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