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GRAMP Urban Sprint - Cove, 10/08/2022

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Sprint (length: 3.125km, 17 controls)

Other courses: Short
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Sam GriffinGRAMPM200400:13:00
2Matthew ThompsonGRAMPM198500:16:57
3Ewan BennettEUOCM200500:18:25
4Dominykas KardokasGRAMPM198300:19:52
5Hugh NicholsonGRAMPM196600:20:31
6Kate RobertsonF198200:21:54
7Cat ChapmanMAROCF200500:22:25
8Lucie HamplovaESOCF199400:22:31
9Phil CampbellGRAMPM198700:22:41
10Dennis McDonaldGRAMPM196400:23:12
11Paul ChapmanMAROCM197100:24:17
12Julian RobinsonGRAMPM197200:24:23
13Bob SheridanMAROCM196700:24:27
14David EssonGRAMPM197900:27:50
15Stuart Hall000000:28:00
16Ian HamiltonGRAMPM196000:28:00
17Laura FarquharsonGRAMPF196700:28:18
18Rosslyn NicholsonGRAMPF196600:28:22
19Oli RobertsonMAROCM201100:30:55
20George EssonGRAMPM194800:56:56
21Lennon AtchisonGRAMPM201101:13:44
-Aileen SalwayMAROCF197000:18:37
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