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CompassSport Cup Heat, 18/02/2024

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6 (length: 3.5km, climb: 125m, 15 controls)

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Point calculations
1,071.33 + (102.03 x (3,158.16 - T)) / 680.83
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Quentin HardingCLAROM196200:31:121264
2Tim TettSYOM196000:35:511222
3Graham LloydEPOCM196200:39:511186
4Robert KingAIREM195900:41:261172
5Mike PedleyEPOCM196000:41:591167
6Andrew KellyCLAROM195800:42:331162
7Steve CorriganEBORM195800:42:581158
8Paul BradburySYOM195700:43:331153
9Patrick SmythNATOM195700:44:331144
10Steve WebbAIREM196200:45:021140
11David WilliamsAIREM196200:45:071139
12Paul NormanSYOM196200:47:441115
13Allie Wilson CrawNATOF195400:48:051112
14Dennis HootonEBORM196400:48:191110
15Paul WoodAIREM196200:49:341099
16William HicksonCLAROM196400:50:301091
17Steve DempseySYOM196300:51:161084
18Martyn DeanCLOKM195900:52:291073
19Donald PurvesEBORM195900:52:551069
20Peter JonesAIREM195700:54:081058
21Graham RamsdenCLAROM196300:54:081058
22Simon BrookEBORM195600:56:121039
23Julian WarrenNNM196300:57:091031
24Timothy EvansCLAROM196300:57:271028
25Christopher WrightCLOKM195800:57:321027
26Peter CarterAIREM195700:59:191011
27Allen BanisterNNM195600:59:511006
28Peter HarrisHALOM195801:03:10977
29S J SchmuckCLOKM195801:04:26965
30Maurice KellyCLAROM196001:07:59933
31Stephen WarnerEPOCM195501:08:45926
32John LebeterCLAROM195501:09:49917
33Arun SahniSYOM195501:27:48755
-Willard WrightNATOM196402:09:52
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