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Scottish Night Championships: Balmoral, 25/02/2023

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04 (length: 3.225km, climb: 165m, 10 controls)

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Point calculations
1,099.47 + (75.04 x (4,204.41 - T)) / 1,084.52
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Finlay McLuckieMORM200800:36:04
2Thomas LaraiaEUOCM200000:37:461234
3Daisy May McNamaraEUOCF200500:44:061207
4Ranolph WhiteheadMAROCM200700:47:151194
5Rob ParkinsonMORM195600:49:451184
6Finn Selmer DuguidTAYM200800:50:05
7Alison CunninghamFVOF196300:52:161173
8Yann NeweyMAROCM200700:52:311172
9Robert HicklingBASOCM195400:52:401172
10Cat ChapmanMAROCF200500:53:461167
11Clare KemsleyBASOCF196500:56:201157
12Mark HollidayFVOM195600:57:451151
13Matthew InmanFVOM200901:09:33
14Susan BarrieMAROCF196601:11:511092
15Richard LlewellynNOCM195401:12:421089
16Helen RowlandsGRAMPF196601:13:451084
17Lesley GomersallGRAMPF196201:13:521084
18Crawford LindsayESOCM195501:14:061083
19Ewan CameronMAROCM195801:14:351081
20Bob ElderMAROCM195801:14:52
21Ann HaleyINTF196401:17:311069
22Pete NelsonWCOCM195401:27:041029
23Judith BellESOCF196901:28:221024
24Georgia LedinghamEUOCF200401:34:55
25Robin StrainELOM195001:43:34960
26Rachel WilsonCLYDEF196601:45:39952
-Peter OwenFVOM200800:46:02
-Joy CameronMAROCF196001:08:51
-Colin MathesonFVOM195401:11:51
-Leslie DalgleishESOCM195001:23:48
-Toby BurtonINVOCM200901:27:39
-Lynn EastonSTAGF197301:47:46
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