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MAROC Banchory West DNC Night Event, 16/11/2022

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long dnc (length: 5.2km, 18 controls)

Other courses: short dnc

 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Luke GrahamMAROCM200137:02:00
2Adam BarrieMAROCM200539:59:00
3Ewan BennettEUOCM200547:10:00
4Daniel GoochMAROCM197147:50:00
5Jonas NeweyMAROCM200554:27:00
6Yann NeweyMAROCM200755:25:00
7Cat ChapmanMAROCF200555:58:00
8Ruth GoochMAROCF200756:28:00
9Charlotte HorneLOCF200259:44:00
10Drew TivendaleMAROCM197359:55:00
11Timothy GriffinGRAMPM196660:05:00
12Matthew ThompsonGRAMPM198560:13:00
13Ranolph WhiteheadMAROCM200764:07:00
14Phil CampbellM198766:55:00
15Ian HamiltonGRAMPM196070:28:00
16Dave KirkM196770:44:00
17Geoff KernickM196772:19:00
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