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Puttenham Level B (SE League), 20/01/2019

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Brown (length: 9.7km, climb: 240m, 29 controls)

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Point calculations
1,183.64 + (70.98 x (5,590.56 - T)) / 992.77
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Laurence TownleySNM197101:15:301259
2Kevin FieldingHHM196801:16:041257
3Tim ScarbroughMVM198401:16:091257
4Richard CollyerGOM197401:16:271255
5Jan TravnicekTVOCM197501:17:141252
6Sarah RollinsSNF197601:17:531249
7Stephen KeyesSNM196101:18:001249
8Neil CrickmoreSOM196201:20:271238
9John OakesWIMM197201:21:251234
10Simon KippinTVOCM197001:24:571219
11Anya CrockerSOCF198501:25:381216
12Thomas RafteryHHM198001:27:191209
13Oliver NokesRNOCM198301:28:431203
14Colm O'HalloranCORKOM196401:28:46
15Paul FoxSNM196201:30:301195
16Alan LeakeySLOWM195301:33:321182
17Charlotte TurnerSLOWF198601:33:511181
18Nat SkidmoreTVOCM198401:36:051171
19Alastair OatesBAOCM197001:37:301165
20Simon DeeksSAXM196901:39:521155
21George SimmonsODM199501:44:531133
22Paul MartinSNM196701:48:441117
23Andrew HannafordSOM195502:00:371066
24Fiona TamSLOWF198902:02:021060
25Peter MartinMVM196102:07:551035
26Jeremy HillTVOCM195402:08:071034
27Tony FogartySNM197002:14:061008
28Rich GoldingBKOM196802:26:49954
29Tim YoungGOM197802:27:18951
30Yonadab Diez-UrkidiBOKM196802:37:38907
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