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Scottish 6 Days - Day 1, 01/08/2021

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C9 (length: 4.7km, climb: 230m, 14 controls)

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Point calculations
1,058.42 + (95.13 x (4,552.29 - T)) / 1,576.42
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Iris MacMillanINTF200500:42:221180
2Imogen PietersSYOF200500:44:351172
3alice kemsleyBASOCF200500:48:051159
4Hugh PotterNATOM196700:49:541152
5Daisy RennieWCOCF200600:52:45
6Issy SunleyWCOCF200500:53:181140
7Duncan BaylissWREM196700:54:251136
8Emma CrawfordWCOCF200500:55:431131
9Cate MatthewSROCF200600:55:47
10Cat ChapmanMAROCF200500:59:261118
11Alexander EvansPOTOCM200401:06:281092
12Megan PekkarinenKFOF200601:06:57
13Sophie VincentDVOF200201:07:211089
14Olivia BaxterLVOF199001:09:491080
15Maggie SoulsbyHHF200601:11:12
16Callum HudsonINVOCM200401:14:34
17Andrew MacphersonCLYDEM196701:14:501062
18Emma VincentDVOF199301:15:161061
19Matthew ClarkKFOM196701:16:461055
20William MartlandEPOCM200401:18:121050
21Chris O'DonnellDVOM196801:19:321045
22Ben O'DonnellDVOM200401:23:041032
23Annabel PickeringWIMF198701:27:261017
24Alexandra CrawshawSYOF200501:27:321016
25Rachel ScottGRAMPF196501:29:421008
26Andy Barker-PilsworthRAFOM197001:31:491001
27Alex ForrestSYOM196701:31:511001
28Ciara KeenSYOF200601:34:42
29Isabel GainesBLF200601:41:34
30James WilliamsonAIREM200601:50:36
31Lauren BishopWSXF199002:06:22876
32Alain KydMDOCM197002:06:46874
33Holly HughesWCHF199902:09:47863
34Milly AskhamSMOCF200502:09:50863
35Ciaran BourneEPOCM200302:27:00801
-Matt WhiteLEIM196700:36:31
-Simon BourneEPOCM196800:39:28
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