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Dorset Delight, 06/10/2019

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Brown (length: 9.8km, climb: 195m, 21 controls)

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Point calculations
1,206.76 + (63.52 x (5,378.00 - T)) / 784.89
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Paul CouldridgeSLOWM197401:05:341324
2Clive HallettBOKM196301:07:581312
3Nicholas JarvisSOM199601:09:401304
4Ben ChestersDEVONM197801:12:221291
5James CrickmoreWSXM199301:22:361241
6Rob ParkinsonMORM195601:22:511240
7Peter SubaWSXM197401:23:051239
8Alan BlanchflowerWSXM198501:27:071219
9Terence Desmond DickinsonBAOCM198201:29:331207
10Stephen MallisonWIMM198001:30:471201
11Barry JonesSOM196701:30:551201
12James JacksonDEVONM197001:32:121194
13Robin MillsWIMM196501:34:241184
14Tommi GroverBOKM197601:34:361183
15John OakesWIMM197201:37:211169
16Paul FoxSNM196201:38:011166
17Damian WilsonDEVONM197001:39:211160
18Joanne ShawWIMF198801:39:571157
19Chris TurnerWIMM196301:40:061156
20Rebecca EwingWIMF198601:47:111122
21Robin CarterDEVONF196001:56:361076
-Alan VeleckySOM196601:06:35
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