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Junior Inter Regional Championships Long Distance and October Odyssey, 25/09/2021

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W16 (length: 4.5km, climb: 85m, 19 controls)

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Point calculations
1,011.81 + (116.58 x (3,973.33 - T)) / 920.44
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Isobel HowardEUOCF200500:41:071203
2Imogen PietersSYOF200500:44:081180
3Daisy RennieWCOCF200600:44:46
4Hannah MatherLOGF200600:45:25
5Emily GibbinsAIREF200500:46:311162
6Jocie HiltonSNF200600:47:37
7Faith Kenyon MORF200500:50:161133
8Iris MacMillanINTF200500:51:011127
9Ellie Mills-hicksGOF200500:51:301124
10Elspeth JollyHALOF200500:51:491121
11Laura BrownLOCF200500:52:051119
12Emily ElmsBOKF200500:53:041112
13Amelia WingBKOF200600:58:00
14Maja RobertsonESOCF200600:58:06
15Carys SharpTVOCF200500:58:091073
16Rose TaylorNGOCF200600:58:25
17Matilda KNOX CARTWRIGHTBOKF200601:01:14
18Maggie SoulsbyHHF200601:03:56
19Sarah DarleySNF200501:04:071028
20Ciara KeenSYOF200601:04:13
21Cate MatthewSROCF200601:04:47
22Anna PeltorBAOCF200601:05:24
23Jessica WardNGOCF200601:07:11
24Katie LakeSBOCF200601:09:42
25Yokub Hampshire WrightNNF200701:13:50
26Sophie KerswellWAOCF200501:18:02922
27Milly AskhamSMOCF200501:20:54900
28Emily ButterSNF200501:31:01823
29Robyn JarvisLEIF200601:36:46
30Rebecca LintonNWOCF200501:42:52733
-Tina Mills-HicksGOF200501:08:21
-Amelia ThompsonLOCF200601:08:43
-Chloe GreenNATOF200601:16:12
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