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Dales Town and Country Weekend, 09/09/2023

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A (length: 7.325km, climb: 200m, 33 controls)

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Point calculations
1,194.55 + (94.44 x (3,735.91 - T)) / 616.61
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Leon FosterAIREM198300:47:021335
2David AlcockAIREM197600:51:271294
3Alice LeakeAIREF199100:51:561289
4Barnaby WarrenNNM199600:52:311284
5Kin Wai LeeHOCM199000:53:131278
6Sam WoodAIREM199500:54:141268
7John EmbreySROCM195800:54:371265
8David BowmanAIREM197300:56:411246
9Jonathan ConeyAIREM199800:57:511235
10Luke FryCLAROM200400:58:591225
11James RogersLOCM199300:59:121223
12Andrew HobsonAIREM198401:00:121214
13jo BuckleyAIREF197601:01:211203
14Alice RigbyCLOKF199701:01:361201
15Adrian ParkerCLAROM196901:03:221184
16Lois ParkerCLAROF200301:03:361182
17Michele DawsonMDOCF199401:05:451163
18Tony UdrisSYOM196901:06:271156
19Kevin FrancisCLAROM198201:07:561142
20Ben CarterPFOM197701:12:041104
21Tim StevensonINDM198801:14:06
22Robert BumsteadAIREM196901:15:531069
23Daniel Mc KeownINDM198301:16:40
24Ka Man LeungHOCF199401:21:101021
25Aly BrookPFOF198501:24:03994
26Elizabeth Hamer-DaviesMDOCF196501:26:51969
-Mark BurleyMDOCM198700:43:17
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