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Sheffield YHOA Urban League , 18/06/2023

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Brown (length: 6km, climb: 170m, 31 controls)

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Point calculations
1,118.51 + (104.47 x (4,214.48 - T)) / 784.03
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Simon HodgsonSYOM197400:57:021224
2Colin SmithSYOM196500:58:301212
3Paul WalwynSYOM198000:58:351212
4James MeredithEBORM197800:59:001208
5David BowmanAIREM197300:59:451202
6Mike ByronHALOM197501:00:471194
7Laura GoySYOF198301:02:191182
8David JollyRAFOM197401:02:341180
9David ToddSYOM196601:02:371179
10Megan HarrisonEPOCF199901:02:531177
11Greg MayPFOM198001:04:571161
12Kevin RandallSYOM198201:05:391155
13Ben CarterPFOM197701:05:431155
14Alex ElliotSYOF200301:07:161142
15Tony UdrisSYOM196901:08:181134
16Laura HarrisonEPOCF200101:11:431107
17Amy BrownSYOF198901:13:251093
18Roy MittonNOCM196901:19:071048
19Andrea PageLOGF197601:19:321044
20Aly BrookPFOF198501:19:531041
21Rose Hartmann-LambertINDF000001:21:40
22Ian BatesINDM000001:27:51
23Kim Hayward000001:29:26
24David HarrisonEPOCM197101:32:23941
25Paul WatsonMDOCM197401:35:15919
26Julie LaverockMDOCF196801:48:20814
-Freya TrynerSYOF200700:50:35
-Stephen ReidSYOM197701:11:46
-Ciara KeenSYOF200601:16:27
-Tamsin KerCLAROF200301:23:27
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